Make a 2020 Pledge

The word “economy” comes from the Greek word for “household.” While most people think of an economy as a big system of banks, corporations, Wall Street, and global trade, in the original sense of the word, it referred to the way we care for each other in community.  When Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven, he’s often talking about an alternative economy, one grounded in God’s love.


In God’s economy, we enjoy rich fellowship at the same time as we provide for one another’s needs. At St. James’, we offer an opportunity to practice this alternative economy, a way of being together made possible in Jesus Christ.  God’s economy is a radical alternative to corporate capitalism and to fearful, competitive accumulation, and walls against “others."  Instead, it is an economy built upon those countercultural virtues of grace, chosen sacrifice, and freedom.

While we are raising money to support the ministry of our church (and pay the bills!), this is part of something bigger.  Sunday after Sunday, everything we put on the altar comes back to the community blessed and ready to serve the work of redemption and reconciliation.  We are building a new economy of relationships, helping people see connections, and overcoming ignorance and prejudice, erasing lines and stepping across the barriers worldly powers erect to keep us weak and divided. We aspire and are practicing to be something whole, God’s economy. 

Your 2020 pledge is a commitment to caring for the community that we are building, with its roots planted deeply in changing east Austin.  Through your generosity, we are able to set tables of welcome and reconciliation for all people here in east Austin and wherever we are in response to Christ who always invites us to his table.  Our annual budget relies on the gifts of the people who believe in the mission that we share.

Pledging is easy and can be done through this online form.  If you would like to speak with a member of the Stewardship Committee about your pledge or how you might get more involved in the life and ministries of St. James' Episcopal Church, please contact Aimee Estep at  Our yearly ingathering of pledges will be Sunday, October 27, so we invite you to take some time to consider what you may be called to offer for the work of St. James' and to respond by that date.