Forming a Community of Care

The ministry of caring for each other through change and transition as an expression of God’s love is at the heart of the church’s life together.

Prayer List  

The entire St. James’ community is invited into the work of pastoral care through praying for each other through the Prayer List.  This list includes members of the extended family of St. James’ who seek prayer for either short term or long term needs. You can add people to the prayer list by filling out a prayer card in your pew and putting it in the offering plate, calling the office (512-926-6339), or emailing


Monday Intercessory Prayer Group

The Intercessory Prayer Group has been meeting to pray for the St. James’ community since 1998.  We meet on Monday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary.   We pray for any concerns of our church community and the extended community, for those on the prayer list, for those in authority over us both in the church and in our daily lives and for national and international needs.  If anyone would like to join us, come to the church at 5:30 on Monday evening and we will pray together. 


Healing Prayer Team

The Healing Prayer Team is a trained group of parishioners who make themselves available to offer one-on-one prayer with others during the space of communion on the first Sunday of the month.  Sometimes it is a gift to have someone offer words of prayer just for you. To find out more about the Healing Prayer Team, contact Lizzie Cain Clark (


Eucharistic Visitors

Each week at the 10:15 am service, our communion does not end as we say the post-communion prayer.  It continues as eucharistic visitors take the gifts from the altar out into the city to set tables of grace and welcome in hospital rooms or rehab facilities or the homes of parishioners who are no longer mobile enough to join us at 1941 Webberville.  Each EV goes out once-a-month, with another EV, directly after the 10:15 am service to participate in a brief eucharistic service with someone in need of community, assigned according to the pastoral care needs of St. James’. Training, including Safeguarding God's People and a conversation with the rector, is required for becoming an EV.  To discern whether this ministry might be a good fit for you, contact Sandra Grimes ( or The Rev. Eileen O’Brien (


Community of Hope

The Community of Hope are trained lay chaplains who offer pastoral care in connection with our church or other ministries. Community of Hope is an international organization with roots in the Episcopal and Benedictine traditions of spirituality. Lay chaplains form a Circle of Care, which meets monthly for mutual support and accountability and growth in spirituality.  They work with the clergy of St. James’ to care for those in need through visitation. To discern whether this ministry might be a good fit for you, contact Linda Horbal ( or The Rev. Eileen O’Brien ( 

Meal Ministry

The St. James’ meal ministry provides support to individuals or families experiencing a moment of crisis or transition even as other sorts of pastoral care are provided. Examples might include providing meals after the birth of a child or to a homebound spouse when the caregiving spouse is in the hospital. If you would like to be included on the list of volunteers to provide a meal, either home-cooked or purchased, contact Rosemary Moore,  If you are aware of a need for the meal ministry, contact The Rev. Eileen O’Brien (


Guild of the Christ Child

The guild of the Christ Child attends to parents who are welcoming children into the lives of their families, through birth or adoption. We seek to visit with and celebrate with you. For more information, contact Lizzie Cain Clark (


Emergency Pastoral Care Line (512-677-6991)

Your clergy and lay pastoral care givers at St. James’ want to be there for you and your loved ones in those critical moments. Be sure to reach out to the church office and let us know when you are having a surgery or if you or a loved one is in the hospital. Even if you call after hours, the emergency pastoral care line (512-677-6991) will connect you.